350px-Paladin mount
  • Great defense
  • Fast attack speed


  • Weak to magical attacks

'''Primary Attributes: Strength, Physical Defense

Secondary Attributes: Constitution


The Paladin is a pillar of support and a very well-rounded class, particularly with regards to defensive might. She carries a shiel and a one-handed sword, but her abilities extend far beyond her physical capabilities. With extensive healing powers and the ability to block harmful spells, the Paladin's stamins on the battlefield is unmatched. Her facility in manipulating the attack focus of enemies would certainly prove useful in allowing allies to rest and recover before taking on foes. The Paladin is also a very effective class when it comes to dealing with strong Undead as her holy energy-enchanted blade quickly reduces them to dust. Attired in protective metal armour against both physical and magical strikes, the Paladin charges triumphantly into battle with Goddess Aika's powers strengthening her soul.

Once the Paladin reaches a certain level she promotes to a Templar.

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