• Able to cloak
  • Mid-range attacks
  • Many soft disables
  • High spike damage


  • Low defense
  • Low HP
  • MP Intensive
  • Expensive
  • Requires bullets to attack

Primary Attributes: Physical attack

Secondary Attributes: Agility


Where other classes fight with raw force, powerful weapons or potent magic, the Dual Gunner uses trickery and an arsenal of enemy-weakening spells to take down her opponents. While she lacks the pure damage of a rifleman or the survivability of a warrior, or the wide-area power of a Warlock, she is excellent in mobile fights and has a high spike damage to take down soft targets or soften up sturdier ones. The Dual Gunner has dozens of tricks up her sleeve - a root, slow, sleep, stun, cloak and even a poison that saps away her enemy's mana. With such a wide variety of abilities and enough stopping power to drop most enemies, she is truly the terror of anyone she can catch alone.

At a certain level the Dual Gunner promotes to become the Gunslinging Pistoleer. Furthermore once the Dual Gunner is level 40 it can aquire a mount. The Dual Gunner's mount resembles a hover craft.

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