• Powerful player heals
  • Strong power buffs
  • Resurrection ability


  • Low defense

Primary Attributes: Magic attack, Intelligence

Secondary Attributes: Magic defense, luck


Those who overlook the Cleric due to her small stature and cheeky charm do so at their own peril. This powerhouse healer class casts spells which boost offensive and/or defensive stats, absorb massive amounts of damage, and which can even raise allies from the dead. Her other compelling skills include erasing positive magical effects from enemies and punishing them for daring to cast spells themselves. The Cleric’s enchanted dresses and graceful wands cloak a will of steel and particularly deadly attacks against demons and Undead. Despite the horror she witnesses on the battlefield on a regular basis, the Cleric stands her ground and thanks Aika for the chance to fight evil in its ugliest forms.

Once promotion has been completed, the Cleric becomes the tranquil Saint

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