290px-Flags alethius

Citizens of Alethius are concerned with justice and fair play.
They want to preserve order in their nation, and they value respect and chivalry.
Their battles are sportsmanlike as opposed to being driven by vengeance or avarice, unlike their counterparts in Ostyrion.
Alethians take pride in the effective structure of their nation’s social establishments (guilds, etc.).
They strive to be honorable and place great importance on maintaining a stellar personal reputation. They hold an alliance with Feonir.
They feel that they are morally superior to people of other nations and have strong national pride, but they are willing to help non-Alethians provided the terms are fair to everyone.
If any nation, group, or individual attempts to cheat an Alethian, rest assured that the offending party will be dealt with swiftly and severely.